Monday, June 11, 2012

XX or XY?

As salam dearies!! [bajet ade readers la kan?Hohohoho~]

Lots of things happen to me lately..hard to describe it. Well, suppose healthy mummy = health baby. Always pray for it..As far as we concern enough, we both are not so healthy couple, so we really hope the BEST for our junior...Amin..amin..amin..

Last few weeks Mr. Hubby suddenly said that how grateful he is when I'm pregnant...It means that he is 'quite normal' after all "drugs" he has to take everyday for almost 20 years.Pity him~ For softhearted person like me, tears will easily drop just like that..Luckily he didn't notice it since we are on the phone at that time. Haishhhh~ kan best kalau the tears drop boleh jadi $$ :P

Just a short entry for this time, I'm still don't go for the next ultrasound scan. Every time people bumped into me, they will ask the favorite question, " Is it boy or gurl?"

XX or XY doesn't matter. We just accept it.Hope the junior is safe and healthy enough.

Some people by just look through my face and of coz my dear tummy, said, "Owh, I bet it's a gurl"

They said my face looks so glowing and bloomy lately..Errr..excuse me...Glowing?Bloomy?? Hehe...Alhamdulillah~ I now know the tricks on how to keep and hide my gloomy face away from the others..

Me replied with just smiling and ask them to pray the safety for both of us...Amin~

Thanks for the favorite question. Many thanks actually. It's just like alarm clock to me. Gosh!! I'm almost 6 months and still don't buy any preparation for the junior and....urghhhhh!! Ok, is it too late or too early? Since my mum looks so cool and not panicking me so I'm just relax...Lalalalallalala~

Ok. What to buy? By referring to the list of things provided by the website or pamphlet given by the salesgurl at the baby shop ( I always ask them to give me the list.My favorite at this moment..haha), frankly speaking.I'm blur. Totally blur.

Blur no 1:
Coz there are variety of models and specs for each item.

Blur no 2:
Mr hubby also blur like me. Both blurs~ Haishhhh...

Blur no 3:
Damn expensive!!!!! Imagine, simple baby cot and the quality is just so-so cost around RM500!! What??? Is it a normal feeling? We are not berkira..but...urghhhh!! Only God knows my problems right now....Huhu..

Till then..wait for the next entry. Me too tired too update any stories. May Allah bless me, my family and friends out there. Every people have their own obstacle to pass. It depends on how we go through the obstacle. May Allah give me some 'ilham' on how to overcome my problem. Amin~

P/s: The junior keep moving and give me the "quickening" feeling the moment I write up this entry. Sorry junior. Don't feel sad. We both are strong right? Yeahhhh~